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Enjoy some of my favorite and useful sites!


Here are some of the sites that I visit often. Enjoy them as I do and as always, if you have suggestions, comments, or a site that would be of our reader's interest, please contact me.




image aware through creative design


Texas Escapes is a labor of love of two people, who happen to be fascinated by just about everything that was or is Texas, just about every place in Texas, and who have a driving passion to share Texas with the world.
















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Dr. Jay Grady


You will notice three things in the picture on the above: First is Dr. Jay, who is a native Texan, Òex-PodunkerÓ and author of the book, Where the Hell is Podunk, Texas?. Next the pick-up truck that reflects true Texan and lastly, the bottle of Big Red soda pop, that is original Texan.


Big Red soda pop is the official soft drink of Podunk, Texas.