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If you like Texas trivia, the mystical, the historical or just plain sports, you will enjoy reading quot;Where the Hell is quot;Podunk, Texas?quot; The book has something for everyone. This book is a nostalgic look at an East Houston community that for over sixty plus years has been referred to as “Podunk”.

You will be introduced to the members of the legendary “Podunk” Skunks basketball team and the details of a basketball game played on March 9th, 1948, which received national attention and set several records for amateur basketball. The story is true and the characters real. You will follow them into the record-breaking 1948 game.

“...fabulous. It is interesting and compelling from beginning to end. A book that you don’t want to put down. The characters are great.”
Ann Curtis - Real estate agent - Houston, Texas

“...outstanding: from the beginning to the end, you feel like you are there. The character descriptives are so detailed that the readers feels as though they know the characters.”
Hugh Davidson – CPA - Houston, Texas

“...full of nostalgia and wonderful Texas trivia. A true Texas’ classic.”
Dr. Paul Carlin – Founder -Therapon Institute – Crockett, Texas

quot;...great. Loved the stories and chararters were terifficquot;.
Tom Campbell - Senior Vice President Sales - King Printing

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quot;Where the Hell is
Podunk, Texas?quot;